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OMCM Marketing Solutions is a world-class fulfillment services company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have the expertise and experience to support your company by getting your brand into the hands of your customers.

OMCM is designed to make your life as a business owner easier through marketing support to enhance your current initiatives. We look forward to an opportunity to discuss your needs with you and help develop some creative ideas for your organization.
Supporting your marketing efforts and providing solutions are OMCM's priority. With our dedicated and talented staff, we ensure that your company will thrive and flourish among its competitors.

Services provided:

  • Fulfillment Services
  • Embroidery and Custom Apparel
  • Screen Printing - Sublimation & more
  • Shopcarts and E-Commerce
  • Custom Promotional Products
  • Creative Design Services
  • OMCM Marketing Solution's goal involves a productive combination of promotional product selection, in-house graphic design and on-site logistics in order to achieve the desired marketing initiatives for your branding and events. We can develop unique programs and custom products for our customer's that provide top quality workmanship and dedicated customer service.
    To see how OMCM Marketing Solutions can enhance the way your company delivers promotions and marketing results contact an OMCM representative by calling (763) 354-7696 or by emailing us at

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