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Currently Viewing E-Commerce Services
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Web Development and Hosting E-Commerce Email Blasts
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OMCM Marketing Solutions can build and develop you a website for your service or product: whether it's a basic information page or a fully featured e-commerce solution. Website Development can be combined with Custom Promotional Marketing Services and provides great tools for any product promotion. OMCM provides professional website hosting services for companies and individuals located throughout the United States. We provide our clients with affordable and dependable web hosting service backed by our trademark level of customer service. We offer our services at three different levels in an effort to accommodate a wide range of client based requirements. We know how difficult it can be moving to another web host. We handle the entire transfer process for you.
  • Domain Transfer
  • File Transfers
  • Database Transfers
  • Script Transfers
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    E-Commerce is a growing business area. As more and more business goes online, you need a functional website to market and sell your products online. OMCM has the experience you need, not only with e-commerce, but e-commerce fulfillment. With your products stored in our warehouse, we can take your orders online, pick and pack them and ship them right to the customer. OMCM Marketing Solutions are experienced in a wide range of products and have completed several different types of ecommerce shopcart websites as well as familiar with many different types of applications regarding sales and marketing. Some of the Shopping Cart Services we can assist you with are:
  • Customer Management
  • Opensource Customization
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Online Product Catalogs
  • Product Inventory Tracking
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    Customer promotion management and direct email marketing as well as social media can be an effective way to promote your products and services. OMCM Marketing Solutions will create a customize email campaign to send to your customers. We understand that nobody likes spam, so we honor all removal requests and only will market to your known customers. Social media is an ever-growing avenue for real-time communications with your clients. At OMCM we can assist you with the task of updating and informing your clients with timely and up to date promotional events through the seamless integration of Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.
    To see how OMCM Marketing Solutions can enhance the way your company delivers promotions and marketing results contact an OMCM representative by calling (763) 767-2952 or by emailing us at

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