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Fulfillment Services Warehousing and Shipping Custom Marketing Services
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OMCM Marketing Solutions offers fulfillment services that are designed to make your life as a business owner easier. There are a number of everyday business tasks that we can handle, such as warehousing inventory, product shipments, drop-shipping, e-commerce and specialized order fulfillment services. All this will actually save you money, because you won't have to hire dedicated employees for these tasks.OMCM's warehouse is ideally attached to our corporate headquarters. Our web development department can develop an e-commerce website for your business, which can accept orders from customers for you. After we take your orders, we'll cut you a check for the profits. Combine an e-commerce site with drop shipping for a killer solution where you are completely focused on sales and marketing, while we handle the logistics of product handling!
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As a business owner you might be wondering where you are going to store all your products and how you are going to get your products out to your customers. Let OMCM give you one less thing to worry about. We are prepared to perform as your shipping department by storing your products in our warehouse and shipping them to your customers as the orders are received. Go one step beyond simple warehousing and use our shipping services to send your orders to customers located in the USA or worldwide. OMCM Marketing Solutions can pull and pack your order for shipment. Shipments are sent daily using UPS and DHL. We can help you develop a custom promotional program, such as employee incentive programs, points based e-commerce sites, other custom web ideas or anything else you can dream up. We'll work with you to make it happen.
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Many of our customers are taking advantage of our Custom Promotional Marketing Services by running programs such as point award programs, rebate programs or other promotional marketing campaigns. OMCM Marketing Solutions can administer your promotional marketing campaign, eliminating the need for you to hire extra employees. Many of OMCM's Custom Product customers also utilize our Warehousing and Shipping services. By using both services, it frees your time from the logistics of product handling and allows you to focus your time and energy promoting and selling your products and services.
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